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Poll: Deficiencies In Accident Investigations

June 5, 2024
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Smooth Delivery and Commissioning of Plant Equipment: Post-Order Essentials

Once the purchase order is signed, crucial steps remain to ensure on-time delivery and proper installation of new machinery.

Extracting Critical Materials From Gas and Oilfield Wastewaters

Argonne National Laboratory researchers are developing a separation process to enable more effective extraction of lithium from gas and oil field wastewaters.

Stable Molybdenum Carbide Catalyzes RWGS Reaction

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a stable, inexpensive and scalable catalyst using household sugar for carbon dioxide reduction reactions.

June Roundup: Great Molasses Flood, Barbie Impacts Chemical Industry, EPA’s Tight Grip On Toxic Chemicals

Distilled News examines the top three stories trending on chemicalprocessing.com. Hosted by Jonathan Katz, executive editor of Chemical Processing.

A Look Back: Reporting on the Chemical Industry in the 1990s

What does a rant from RAF, chicken droppings and adultery have to do with the chemical industry? Seán Ottewell shares some of the more interesting stories of his time as a chemical...
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Podcast: Corroded Pipe Elbow Sparks Explosion, Launches 38,000-lb Shrapnel

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board identified five issues with the 2019 Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery fire and explosion: mechanical integrity, outdated equipment, lack of...

Podcast: Hackers Target Manufacturing For Intellectual Property, Money

Study regarding advancing digital transformation in a time of unprecedented cybersecurity risk offers tips to stay off hackers radar.
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Regulatory Burdens, Barbie and Taylor Swift Impact the Chemical Industry

American Chemistry Council’s Chief Economist discusses the state of the chemical industry and what keeps her up at night.

Tips To Get Your Motor Running

Readers ask questions about their motors and our expert responds.

Squelch Separator Snafus

Despite the consequences of poor drum performance, many engineers do not fully understand the basic assumptions often built into separator sizing. Basic drum sizing has three ...
Plant inspections

Energy Saver: The Plant Walkthrough Energy Audit

Regular walkthrough audits in industrial plants identify low-cost or no-cost energy efficiency opportunities through equipment inspection and operational observation.

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Test Your Chemical Engineering Knowledge Vol. 2

Are you a chemical engineering phenom? Find out today.

Processing Equipment

Solar-Activated Catalysts Show Potential for Converting CO2 to Chemicals

University of Oldenburg researchers in Germany experiment with precious-metals-free catalysts to chemically activate CO2.

Environmental Protection

Lithium Ion Battery Production

Study: PFAS in Battery Production Poses Environmental Risk

Study found elevated concentrations of bis-FASIs near several chemical plants in Kentucky and Minnesota as well as plants in Belgium and France.