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A man and women wearing hard hats and safety apparel

OSHA Issues Updated Process Safety Management Enforcement Guidance

The U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated enforcement guidance regarding compliance with the agency’s Process Safety Management standard.
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Solids Processing: All Models Are Wrong but Useful

Solids Processing: All Models Are Wrong but Useful

In the future, artificial intelligence may develop unbiased models for intricate processes.

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Supplier Source Guide

Guide to help locate suppliers in 43 categories. Check it out.

Comical Processing Cartoon

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Jerry King for Chemical Processing
Water Conservation cartoon caption contest
Distilled News Roundup for January 2024

Podcast: Distilled News Roundup January 2024

A sobering look at the economy, PFAS regulations continue, blue-ringed octopus key to sustainable energy, and black-mass recycling.
Source: Galp

Sustainability: Chemical Clusters Drive Green Hydrogen, Carbon Capture and Circular Economy Solutions

BASF's Verbund concept integrates production, energy and logistics for sustainable growth. Similar initiatives emerge globally, enhancing collaboration for sustainability.
Various products from polyurethane o

Taking the Pain Out of Recycling Polyurethanes

A new CO2-based method makes polyurethane-based plastics that are easy to recycle.
Amin Almasi
Operational Flexibility and Reconfigurability

Key Elements of Operational Flexibility in Chemical Plants

Reconfigurability, adaptability and production flexibility become exceptionally valuable during disruptive events.
Pause, Reflect, Act

The Difference Between Experiences and Learning in Process Safety

Daily experiences vary, but key events hold lessons. Reflection is vital for learning and shaping success.
Hideyo Takahashi and Kumi Tozawa/Tokyo University of Science
Photoreactor with Liquid Chromatography

Innovative Reactors Show Promise for Chemical Industry

Already proven in drug manufacturing, new developments could improve efficiencies, performance for chemical applications.
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Chemical Supply Chain

Navigate Chemical Supply Chain Disruptions

The post-pandemic world is changing the way chemical manufacturers envision their supply chains with a stronger focus on technology and closer collaboration.
Train operators faster

Faster Ways To Train Chemical Operators

Simulators and virtual reality offer objective ways to measure and improve training.


Chemical Engineers: From Hollywood to Reality

Slideshow: Famous ChemEs in Movies & Real Life

While watching the movie "Christmas Vacation" for the 67th time, I finally realized that Clark Griswold was a chemical engineer. I leaped down the rabbit hole looking for more...