Jerry King for Chemical Processing
Water Conservation cartoon caption contest

Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption

Jerry King provides the cartoon -- we ask you to provide the captions.


  • "Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink." Chelsea Chan
  • "The last Blue Drop....." By David Hill
  • "Don't let it hit the ground! The paperwork will take a week!" By George Hudak
  • "And with one huge drop from a faulty valve, Chuck discovers the field of quantum hydraulics." By Lawrence Wyner
  • "A gifted runner that could smell water, Alex earned the title as the" Human Water Leak Detector" within the plant." By Chuck Lewis
  • "Another trickle down effect of this chemical engineering economy." By Marvin Sager
  • "NOOO! I just finished mopping the floor!" By Dave Matta
  • "Water water everywhere, but just one drop to drink" By Stephen Miller
  • "NOOO! The floor isn't NSF rated!" By Stephen Miller
  • "To most, this is a drip. To Dave, catching it is job security." By Chuck Lewis
  • "As Bill reaches out, he begins to wonder - Is this a water line or an acid line?" By George Hudak
  • "Living in a Southwestern State under a severe drought and water usage restrictions, Joe’s recurring nightmare as Plant Manager is assuming gigantic proportions." By Robert Bauer
  • "WATER STRATEGY....significant advances in sustainable operations chemistries for use in high-performance applications." By Nain Aguado
  • "All Drops Matter!" By Allen Hawker
  • "The man runs because perhaps the tank is full of beer." By Marcelo Tagliabue
  • "And just like that, another pandemic is unleashed upon the world!" By George Hudak
  • "Where's a bucket when you need one?" By Dave Matta
  • "Oh, thank goodness! My hands are so sticky!" By Dave Matta
  • "The worth of water is to be valued with every drop!" By Steve Hershauer
  • "Bob after hearing the VP's water conservation lecture and upcoming layoffs!" By John Losoya