Source: Jerry King for Chemical Processing
Future Engineers Recruitment cartoon

Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption


  • "Stanley knew this was going to be a long semester..." By Tim Lutz

  • "Where are the SDG goals?" By Amelia Suarez
  • "Explain the thermodynamics?" By Rajendra Chougale
  • "You need to ask pertinent questions if you wish to get a good job as an engineer." By Marv Sager
  • "Ah, millennials, sighed Francis." By Dave Matta
  • "Half are interested, half are not. One third are sleepers and one in six is upset. Those sci-fi shows are helping with our program." By John Ewanish
  • "Megan began to cry when she found out that the recruiting session had run out of pocket protectors." By Chuck Lewis
  • "Stewart's hopes were dashed when the three remaining recruits asked the following questions." "I thought there were supposed to be refreshments?" "I've changed my mind. I now want to be a lawyer." "Does Taylor Swift make more money than engineers?" By Chuck Lewis
  • "Joe 'locks up,' completely lost, when he realizes that he should have asked the age group he was going to make the presentation to. 'School kids' is too broad a category." By Robert Bauer
  • "More details lead to higher quality work. More details result in safer work." By Zhihui Gu
  • "Everyone keeps asking when do they get to ride the train." By Jeanne Clark
  • "The engineer realizes he got a demotion instead of a promotion on his last review." By Richard Molsbee
  • "Don't cry Susan, it is not a real pig.... the pipeline pigging is with other kind of... oh my God... don't cry anymore..." By Pedro Echeverria
  • "Questions, questions, questions... the basis of every successful engineer." George Hudak
  • "3 of 6 can see the future written in code on the board. This is an abnormally bright group." By George Hudak
  • "The students do not understand or are inattentive because they are missing their cell phones." By Marcelo Tagliabue
  • "It was at this moment that he realized his meetings at work got the exact same responses." By Reece McHenry
  • "Process the process Engineers" By KL Shankar
  • "Generation Zzzz …. Learning chemical processes" By Cristian Cancino
  • "Hey , there is no crying in Engineering" By Allen Hawker
  • "Time for recess, thought Howard." By Dave Matta
  • "It was then that Sidney remembered that he had forgotten the juice boxes." By Dave Matta
  • "Profe!!!.. Maybe we can optimize the process with artificial intelligence!!!" By Nina Aguado
  • "Identify the hidden loop that explains a simple, safer and sustainable production process.........if you want to be recruited." By JANARTHANAN GOPALAKRISHNAN
  • "Is that really how you spell recruitment? Maybe we should start over..." By Josh Boedecker
  • "Future Technical Operator -- Why listening is Important?" By Ed Zeringue
  • "We've been through this class; To be an Engineer it takes 5% common sense, 9.75% math, 6% Science, 15% unnecessary parts, 34% poorly scribbled drawings, 24% coffee, and 1/16" units." By Buddy Evans