Salary Survey

Are you adequately compensated for your skills? Balancing workload with salary

Slideshow: Salary Survey 2023

Dec. 15, 2023
Interesting data revelations show a continued positive job outlook and strong salary compensation.

Survey: 2023 Chemical Industry Salaries Get Stronger

Oct. 2, 2023
The results of Chemical Processing’s annual job satisfaction and salary survey revealed mostly positive signs, including higher incomes, bonuses and raises for chemical industry...
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2022 Survey Shows Strong Satisfaction

Dec. 9, 2022
Results of our annual job satisfaction and salary survey point to favorable working conditions and sufficient compensation for chemical industry professionals. Salaries, bonuses...

2021 Survey Shows How Job Satisfaction Stacks Up

July 14, 2021
Salary and satisfaction remain steady, even optimistic, amidst the pandemic’s impact
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2020 Salary and Satisfaction Survive the Pandemic

July 6, 2020
Latest poll shows salary and satisfaction remain steady with the pandemic having some impact
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2019 Salary Survey: Survey Picks Up Good Vibrations

Aug. 12, 2019
Latest poll shows upbeat results for salary and satisfaction.
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2018 Salary Survey: Hiring And Salaries Steam Ahead

Aug. 20, 2018
Annual job satisfaction and salary survey shows mostly positive signs all around.
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2017 Salary and Job Satisfaction: It’s Not All Roses

April 6, 2017
Survey shows many positive results but also some areas of concern

2016 Salary And Job Satisfaction Survey: Chemical Engineers Keep On Smiling

April 7, 2016
Annual survey shows increased job satisfaction.

2015 Salary And Satisfaction Trends Revealed In The Chemical Processing Industry

April 1, 2015
Annual survey results indicated improved outlook.
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2014 Salary Survey Yields A Mixed Bag

April 3, 2014
Annual survey shows salaries are up but job satisfaction remains unchanged

Salary Survey Participants Sound Off

July 24, 2013
In Chemical Processing’s 2013 Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey, we asked participants to share their comments regarding the public’s negative perception of the industry, what...
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2013 Salary Survey: Salaries Aren't Leveling Off

April 2, 2013
Annual salary survey results show slight improvements.
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2012 Salary Survey: Salaries Move Ahead -- Slowly

April 3, 2012
Annual salary survey indicates respondents are content with current pace.
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2011 Salary Survey: Are Things Looking Up?

March 31, 2011
Annual salary survey points to some positive developments.
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2010 Salary Survey: Clouds of Concern Begin to Clear

March 30, 2010
Survey reveals readers are regaining confidence in their job security.
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2009 Salary Survey: Engineers Proceed With Caution

March 30, 2009
Survey shows readers are concerned, yet confident in a down economy.
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How Much do Chemical Engineers Make? Chemical Processing Reveals all in 2008 Salary Survey

April 9, 2008
Is it a tragedy or comedy for engineers? Survey results peak behind the curtain of readers' salaries and job satisfaction
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2007 Salary Survey: Chemical industry starts to shine through clouds

March 28, 2007
In its third year, Chemical Processing's online salary and job satisfaction survey results provides reasons for optimism. The 1,830 survey respondents answers indicate salaries...
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2006 Salary Survey: Does your job provide you with the right chemistry?

March 28, 2006
The majority of survey respondents told us that they are content with their salaries, benefits, and job fulfillment... so why are they so unsatisfied?
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2005 Chemical Industry Salary Survey: Field of Greens

April 12, 2005
Changing market conditions have prompted us to take a closer look at the chemical processing industry as it continues to evolve. The result is our first-ever salary survey, which...