5 things you need to consider when selecting your next Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

July 25, 2024 - Upcoming
Learn from safety expert, Steve Elliott of Schneider Electric on how to be prepared when the time comes to select your next safety instrumented system.
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Process Safety Roundtable

Aug. 1, 2024 - Upcoming
Register for this webinar and join this panel discussion that will offer insights into key challenges and provide practical guidance on how to identify, evaluate, and effectively...
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Feeding and Weighing of Powder and Bulk Solid Materials

Sept. 19, 2024 - Upcoming
Weigh in, on the Weighing do's and don'ts in this webinar. That will cover information to help with best-weighing accuracy applicable for batching and continuous operation.
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Process Safety Part 2: Transient Operations Risk Assessment

Oct. 3, 2024 - Upcoming
Short-term risks can have a huge impact. Learn from process safety expert Trish Kerin on best practices to mitigate these risks.
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Combustible Dust Roundtable Second in Series

Nov. 6, 2024 - Upcoming
Here is your second chance to increase your awareness of the hazards and the available safeguards against fires and explosions within combustible solids processing and handling...
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Mixing Roundtable

July 17, 2024
Get in the mix and get your questions answered by our expert panelists on various mixing technologies and types of mixers.
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Current State of the Chemical Industry: Navigating Economic Shifts and Emerging Opportunities

June 14, 2024
Register now and join us live as Martha Gilchrist Moore, chief economist at the American Chemistry Council, looks at the state of the chemical industry in 2024 and its outlook...

Optimizing Your Safety and Permitting Practices: Insights from a Global Chemical Manufacturing Company

May 29, 2024
Learn how global leader Kuraray improved its permit process by implementing key practices that have allowed for consistency throughout. As well as safety best practices and other...
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Case Studies Reveal Game-Changing Tactics for Engineering and Operations: A Glimpse into the Future

May 22, 2024
Register for this webinar where insights will be shared on the latest trends that are shaping this dynamic industry with real-life case studies.
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Combustible Dust Roundtable

May 8, 2024
Increase your awareness on the hazards and available safeguards of fires and explosions within combustible solids processing and handling industries.
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Process Safety Part 1: Identify Weak Signals

March 6, 2024
Register today to learn from process safety expert Trish Kerin how to identify weak signals in your facilities.
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Choose the RIght Risk Assessment Methodology

Dec. 8, 2022
Originally broadcast on December 8, 2022. Now available On Demand.