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Columns & Blogs

Automation Strategies

ARC Advisory Group experts offer insight into the latest ways automation can reduce costs, improve effieicency and address challenges to become as economically competitive as possible.
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Barry On Batteries

This column examines how best practices in chemical processing will help reduce lithium battery costs and improve reliability.
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Book Club

A roundup of what your peers in the chemical industry are reading or writing.
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Chemical Processing Notebook

Executive Editor Jonathan Katz presents talking points from various industry experts on a wide range of topics. Take a look at what’s in his reporter’s notebook.

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Chemical Reaction Blog

The editorial staff at Chemical Processing puts a fun spin on chemical industry news and events in this sometimes snarky but always on-topic blog.
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Compliance Advisor

This column features reports from Lynn L. Bergeson, a Washington lawyer specializing in regulatory compliance, on the latest regulations and their implications.
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Economic Snapshot

CP's Economic Snapshot provides a quick overview of how the U.S. chemical industry and the overall U.S. economy are doing. Each month it tracks two chemical-industry-specific indicators: shipments and capacity utilization. It also includes data on the Chemical Activity Barometer.
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End Point (International Perspective)

This monthly column provides a forum for Seán Ottewell, our editor-at-large based in Ireland, to offer his take on international developments and issues.
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Energy Saver

Written by Michiel Spoor, this column focuses on how plants can improve their efficiency in using heat, electricity and other key utilities.
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Engineering Basics

Whether new to chemical processing or needing a refresher on basic skills, this resource area has you covered.
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Equipment Insights

Amin Almasi specializes in mechanical equipment and offers his insight on a variety of topics including pumps, condition monitoring, reliability, as well as powder and fluid handling and water treatment. Visit Equipment Insights

Field Notes (Operating Pointers)

Dirk Willard, a veteran engineer, offers practical guidance about design and operational issues.
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From The Editor

This column offers the opinions of Editor-in-Chief Traci Purdum (and past columns from former Editor Mark Rosenzweig) on a broad range of topics related to the chemical industry—economic, technical, professional and more.
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Making It Work (Case Histories)

This montly installment details how a particular plant improved its operations by adopting innovative technology.
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Plant InSites (Troubleshooting Tips)

Andrew Sloley, an experienced practitioner, provides real-world pointers for troubleshooting specific plant problems.
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Poll Results

We ask our readers myriad questions about their experiences in chemical facilities. Here are the results to our poll questions.
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Process Puzzler

This column lets readers pose problems and presents advice from other readers on how to deal with them.
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Salary Survey Archive

We've been at this a long time! See how the views of job and salary satisfaction have changed over the years.
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Solid Advice

Many plants handle powders or other solids but chemical engineers learn little in college about the special issues that such materials pose. Tom Blackwood, a veteran engineer who has dealt extensively with solids over the course of his career, will share some of his insights in this column.
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Stay Safe

Safety columnist Trish Kerin, director of the IChemE Safety Centre, uses her unique story-telling skills to advance process-safety practices at chemical facilities.
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Women In The Chemical Industry

Women play a vital role in industrial organizations. This section highlights women leading the charge for industrial innovation and manufacturing leadership.
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Workforce Matters

While technical skills are the foundation of operations and engineering, soft skills are essential for effective communication, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership. Lauren Neal, author of Valued at Work, offers tips and insight to help you develop these skills.  

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