Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption

Chemical Processing features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King.

Please complete the form below the cartoon to submit your caption. The winning caption will be featured on our Web site and in the Chemical Processing Weekly eNewsletter.

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Current Submissions

"Really!! Can we get anything done?" Submitted by Adetenu Adeosun, Illinois

" I didn't know the Emergency Broadcast System had access to our network!" Submitted by Al Hawker, New York

"The DCS supplier said the control system would be ready on Tuesday. They didn't say THIS Tuesday." Submitted by Antonio Inserni, California

" In fact, this annoying sound from the server is testing people's nerves..!" Submitted by Christos Marinos, Greece

"President Trumps speechwriters are horrified when he begins the State of the Union address by reading what was left on the Teleprompter by a technician." Submitted by Chuck Lewis, Ohio

"The flashing alert on the screen is fine... but the inconsolable crying baby ensures no one can ignore it! Good job Frank!" Submitted by George Hudak, Texas

"The new boss is really serious about getting back to work after break times. The alarm system goes off if your computer is idle for more than 15 minutes. I haven't heard about how it's set up for lunch breaks, but I'm bringing a brown bag and ear plugs t" Submitted by Jeanne Clark, Pasadena, Texas

"At least the hearing protection for these tests blocks bad jokes and boring stories." Submitted by John Ewanish, Ohio

" And I thought the Emergency Broadcast System Tests were annoying ...." Submitted by Karyn DeWolf, Alabama

"Do we really need the siren for these phishing attack tests?" Submitted by Lee Harrison, Virginia

"This new alarm-management system is going too far -- this is the technical resources kiosk." Submitted by Liz Wolfe, Boston

"Anti virus system test: Checked. Employees resilience to high stress situation: Need improvement..." Submitted by Martin Tremblay, Quebec

"Of course the poor attendent eye balls were ready to pop out when they heard the message saying Trump was reelected..." Submitted by Martin Tremblay, Quebec

"What does it say? I don't know! I can't concentrate on reading in such noisy environment!" Submitted by Martin Tremblay, Quebec

"ATTENTION: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!" Submitted by Marvin Sager, Maryland

"Only after the completion of the new process control stations did the process staff find out the installation contractor used old "Led Zeppelin" recordings for the audible alarms." Submitted by Phil Grimes, Illinois

"Somebody, please check the audio specs for the new HMI station displays!" Submitted by Phil Grimes, Illinois


"This isn't what I expected when I told our automation department to develop a proof test for the HMI stations!" Submitted by Scott Mourier, West Virginia

"OMG!! And we thought it to be nuclear test !!!!" Submitted by Shridhar Rao, India

"OMG!! Stop the wastage of water." Submitted by Shridhar Rao, India

"Boy, this computer based training is getting pretty pushy!" Submitted by Tom Rybarczyk, Texas

" Apparently, the new safety drill system works! HOW DO WE TURN IT OFF?!!" Submitted by Tommy Little, Texas