Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption

Jerry King provides the cartoon -- you provide the funny lines.

Chemical Processing features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King.

Please complete the form below the cartoon to submit your caption. The winning caption will be featured on our Web site and in the Chemical Processing Weekly eNewsletter.

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Current Submissions

" And here's what you should do if management is pushing for a quick root cause analysis report" Submitted by Assem Abdou, Egypt

"Our new resource allocation for troubleshooting procedure, keeping it simple!" Submitted by Gabby Massoud, Texas

" Sue - So, why did we stop spinning the board? Bob - People feel better about the new root cause analysis." Submitted by Gregory Sykes, Texas

" Let’s see how we are going to spend next weekend." Submitted by Kenneth Russell, Georgia

" if I win, we check out my suggestion." Submitted by Laura Gimpelson, Tennessee

"Shall we close our eyes, and claim we are hitting our projected target?" Submitted by Marvin Sager, Maryland

"I love this new api method- more accurate AND fun!!" Submitted by Michael Jones, Kentucky

" OK - The area with the most darts will be the cause for downtime in our next report." Submitted by Phil Grimes, Illinois

"Shoot the right target." Submitted by SV Sankaramoorthy, Oman

"On the count of three...." Submitted by Victoria Lynn, Cleveland

" Aim at Rat Holes" Submitted by Waiel Hasan, Canada