Jonathan Katz

Executive Editor

Jonathan Katz, executive editor, brings nearly two decades of experience as a B2B journalist to Chemical Processing magazine. He has expertise on a wide range of industrial topics. Jon previously served as the managing editor for IndustryWeek magazine and, most recently, as a freelance writer specializing in content marketing for the manufacturing sector.

His knowledge areas include industrial safety, environmental compliance/sustainability, lean manufacturing/continuous improvement, Industry 4.0/automation and many other topics of interest to the Chemical Processing audience.

When he’s not working, Jon enjoys fishing, hiking and music, including a small but growing vinyl collection.

Jon resides in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.

Chemical Safety Board Warns of Active Storm Season as Beryl Approaches

July 8, 2024
Several petrochemical operations already affected by Hurricane Beryl.

Supreme Court Rulings Challenge EPA Authority, Sparking Environmental Concerns

July 1, 2024
Recent decisions block cross-state pollution rule and overturn longstanding regulatory doctrine.

June Roundup: Great Molasses Flood, Barbie Impacts Chemical Industry, EPA’s Tight Grip On Toxic Chemicals

June 28, 2024
Distilled News examines the top three stories trending on Hosted by Jonathan Katz, executive editor of Chemical Processing.

In the Shadow of Physics, a Chemistry Giant Shines

June 12, 2024
Edward Morley's meticulous work in determining the atomic weight of oxygen may have been overshadowed by his role in the famous Michelson-Morley physics experiment. Yet, in Cleveland...

EPA Tightens Grip on Toxic Chemicals, Industry Feels the Heat

June 6, 2024
As environmental groups push for stricter regulations on vinyl chloride and chloroprene, manufacturers like Denka Performance Elastomer threaten plant closures, while the Vinyl...

Chemical Processing Notebook: Reshoring Critical Chemical Production to Fortify U.S. Supply Chains

May 23, 2024
Lacamas Laboratories and ACMI discuss their partnership to secure domestic production of a key defense department material.

Chemical Processing Notebook: Bracing for the Regulatory Onslaught

May 13, 2024
Latest Production Pulse segment explores EPA regulations targeting hazardous air pollutants and PFAS chemicals.

Roots of Reflection: Yardwork in a Chemical World

May 2, 2024
Fearing and accepting agrochemicals has become a part of my outdoor experience.

Digitalization Meets Sustainability in the Chemical Industry

April 29, 2024
How process plants are leveraging IoT, business intelligence and data modeling to deliver on their environmental goals

Slideshow: What is This Technology?

April 24, 2024
Chemical process operations have many moving parts with various technologies, some tried and true and virtually unchanged for decades and newer innovations that might be less ...

EPA's Toxic Emissions Ruling Puts Chemical Manufacturers on Notice

April 9, 2024
EPA estimates new Clean Air Act standard will cost industry $150 million a year to comply.

Distilled News: The Top Chemical Industry Stories for the Week of March 31

April 8, 2024
A look back at the Baltimore bridge collapse, DOE grants for industry projects, nuclear energy, Neanderthals and the annual Salary Survey.

Distilled News: Week of March 18

March 25, 2024
A look back at the EPA's asbestos ban, new ethylene oxide emissions regulations and a new development on carbon capture.

DOE Analysis: Supply Chain Challenges Hinder Adoption of More Sustainable Chemistries

March 22, 2024
Proven formulations still hold advantages over newer, sustainable options.