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Pump and Motor

How Smarter Vacuum Pumps Drive Sustainability in Chemical Plants

In the chemical industry, digitalization and emissions monitoring are pressing operational challenges. While exploring the technological innovations behind these trends, attention...

Test Your Chemical Engineering Knowledge Vol. 2

Are you a chemical engineering phenom? Find out today.

How They Made it Work: ABB’s ECP5000 Electric Motor

A look at heavy-duty electric motors in chemical operations.

Strengthening Piping System Resilience: Navigating Nozzle Loads and Shell Flexibility

Navigating challenges from thermal movements to cold operating scenarios for cost-effective and reliable systems.

Compliance: What to Watch for in 2024

Significant policy and regulatory developments regarding chemical manufacturing in the United States and globally are underway.

Project Management: Workflows Matter

Effective communications and verifications are essential for project success
Head silhouette and tooth wheels with knowledge transfer and education concept related words imprinted on metal surface isolated on white

ShadowBox KO’s Chemical Operator Skills Gaps

Harnessing the role of cognitive skills in training helps capture knowledge.
Biodiesel production is the process of producing the biofuel, biodiesel, in laboratory.

In Process: Novel Method Speeds Glycerol Carbonate Production

New approach combines glycerol and carbon dioxide under mesofluidic conditions to generate a faster, more cost-effective alternative to current glycerol carbonate production methods...
Distilled News

Distilled News: Week of March 18

A look back at the EPA's asbestos ban, new ethylene oxide emissions regulations and a new development on carbon capture.
Neanderthal with stone tools

Discovery: Using Compound Adhesives, Neanderthals Were Smarter Than We Thought

Today's multi-billion-dollar adhesives industry can be traced back more than 50,000 years to Neanderthals first using multicomponent adhesives to make tools.
Smoke stacks emitting harmful emissions into the atmosphere causing global warming.

Compliance: Take a Closer Look at EPA’s New Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's recent revision of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for particulate matter has stirred up a contentious discourse. Understanding...