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June 5, 2024
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Reworked Ammonia Process Meets Economic, Green Demands

University of Illinois Chicago researchers optimized the lithium-mediated ammonia synthesis process to improve its efficiency and selectivity.
Pyrometallurgical Process

Reviving Battery Processing Waste: Innovations in Recycling

A closer look at pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical and direct recycling methods for battery material recycling.

Podcast: Lessons Learned From Flixborough 50 Years Later

The Flixborough disaster in 1974 resulted in 28 fatalities and significant damage, leading to the introduction of management of change processes, improved asset integrity practices...
Female scientist reading feedback on a tablet

Workforce Matters: Provide Effective Feedback

Taking the time to provide genuine and effective feedback builds people’s leadership skills.

The High-Tech Battle Against Fugitive Emissions Takes Shape

How major players like Chevron, Wacker and Shell are using drones, robots and optimization systems to meet the challenge.
formic acid molecular structure

Proton Exchange Membrane System Promotes Durable CO2 Conversion

A PEM electrolyzer optimizes conversion of hydrogen molecules into protons at the anode while directly converting CO2 to formic acid at the cathode.
Made in America

Chemical Processing Notebook: Reshoring Critical Chemical Production to Fortify U.S. Supply Chains

Lacamas Laboratories and ACMI discuss their partnership to secure domestic production of a key defense department material.

Solids Handling: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Challenging current operations may spur significant improvements

Process Safety — Manage The Only Constant: Change

Understanding the two kinds of change, deliberate and creeping, will aid you in keeping your facility a safe place to work.

A Better Way To Zero In On Chemical Ingredients

Manually scanning safety data sheets (SDSs) for hazardous ingredients is hardly efficient and certainly not safe.

Podcast: Hazardous Lies: Former Safety Investigator Pens Fictional Thriller

Stephen J. Wallace’s novel is set in an ethylene production facility where an explosion kills workers. Plant management, emboldened by powerful political allies, scramble to hide...

Editor's Take

Test Your Chemical Engineering Knowledge Vol. 2

Are you a chemical engineering phenom? Find out today.

Processing Equipment

Solar-Activated Catalysts Show Potential for Converting CO2 to Chemicals

University of Oldenburg researchers in Germany experiment with precious-metals-free catalysts to chemically activate CO2.

Asset Management


EPA Recognizes AkzoNobel’s Green Power

Paint manufacturer’s green power use is equivalent to the electricity use of more than 6,400 average American homes annually.