Separations Technology

A chemical process often must include specific steps to transform the raw product into one that has the exact purity and properties desired. The material may contain coproducts and impurities that must be removed fully or partially. In addition, the need for particular physical or other properties may require the material to go through certain operations.


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Chemical Processing Book Club: Discover Industrial Chemical Separation Insights

A candid conversation with authors Tim Frank and Bruce Holden on historical perspective, key features and insights from personal experience in the chemical industry.
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Lessons Learned and Top Strategies for Fouled Distillation Towers

How two Dow plants addressed ongoing fouling issues in their distillation towers with customized approaches
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Barry on Batteries: Understand Direct Lithium Extraction From Geothermal Brine

The chemical processing industry can lead the way with this new and sustainable method
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Figure 1. Distillation columns at the Eneos Materials chemical plant in Japan lacked automation control.



IChemE Adds 25 New Technical Books To Free Library

April 22, 2022
New books on sustainability, process safety and design are available.

Linde Membrane Extracts Hydrogen From Natural Gas

Jan. 25, 2022
The full-scale plant at Linde’s production site in Dormagen, Germany, features Linde’s Hiselect powered by Evonik membrane technology to extract hydrogen from natural gas pipelines...

DOE Touts “Game-Changing” Rare-Earth Elements Separation Technology

Dec. 8, 2021
The technology provides insight into how to cost-effectively separate in-demand rare-earth elements, which could dramatically shift industry to benefit producers in the United...

European Groups Honor Work On Membranes

Oct. 21, 2021
Researcher receives award for research related to nanofiltration

Processing Equipment: New Separation Options Beckon

Feb. 8, 2022
Developments in membranes and dividing wall columns promise significant benefits

Adsorption Gets A New Option

Jan. 17, 2022
Novel method based on molecular machines may suit numerous applications

Tweaked Molecular Sieves Spur Mixture Separation

Sept. 10, 2021
Researchers find that fine-tuning the thickness of super-thin carbon molecular sieves can enhance the efficiency.

Filtration Startup Wins MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

June 7, 2021
Startup claims its filtration membranes can make gas and vapor separation much less energy intensive.