Chemical Processing eHandbook: Refine Your Filtration And Separation Systems

Sept. 27, 2022
A chemical process often must include specific steps to transform the raw product into one that has the exact purity and properties desired. The material may contain co-products and impurities that must be removed fully or partially. To help you refine your filtration and separation systems Chemical Processing has put together this eHandbook, which includes insight on:
  • Don’t Stint on Separator Selection -- Choosing solid/liquid separation equipment demands care
  • Effectively Remove Droplets -- Various factors affect the choice and operation of liquid/vapor separators
  • Be Clear About Clarifiers --  Understand the design and uses of different types of settlers Install Prefilters
  • Install Prefilters Before Dust Collection --  This practice extends filter life and lowers maintenance costs
  • Mixing and Sifting System is Ideal for Powders and Tablets --  Nutraceutical manufacturer benefits from synergistic solution

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This eHandbook is sponsored by Kason Corporation and Aerodyne Corporation

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