BASF Wins Edison Patent Award

Nov. 17, 2023
BASF’s Process Catalysts research team earns award based on a novel method for reducing impurities in petrochemicals

A team of BASF catalysis researchers received the 2023 Edison Patent Award from the Research & Development Council of New Jersey. The accolade, in the environmental category, recognized their patent on innovative adsorbents and methods designed to remove impurities from industrial processing streams. The patented approach employs a safer and more environmentally friendly adsorbent composition based on bismuth, according to a press release. BASF researchers Artem Vityuk, Al Maglio, Linda Hratko, and former researcher Keenan Deutsch were honored for their work at the November 15, 2023 ceremony. The lead-free adsorbent, named PuriStar R9-PAR S3, addresses the need for sustainability in chemical production, offering an environmentally friendly solution for petrochemical processing while maintaining high purity standards. The Research & Development Council of New Jersey established the Edison Patent Award over 40 years ago to recognize top inventors and research organizations in the state, emphasizing innovation and global leadership.