Andrew Sloley, Plant InSites columnist

Contributing Editor

ANDREW SLOLEY is a Chemical Processing Contributing Editor.

Squelch Separator Snafus

Despite the consequences of poor drum performance, many engineers do not fully understand the basic assumptions often built into separator sizing. Basic drum sizing has three ...

Troubleshooting Chemical Plant Rainwater Systems

Rainwater networks are often old, poorly documented (if at all), subjected to unseen wear and tear and lacking in comprehensive maintenance. Keep the following complications in...

Project Management: Workflows Matter

Effective communications and verifications are essential for project success

Use HAZOPs Properly

A hazard and operability study (HAZOP) mostly is a safety design check, not a design development review. Making and finalizing major design choices should occur long before a ...

Optimizing Pump Reliability in Continuous Operation Plants

Factors to consider for ensuring pump performance and resilience in chemical facilities

Heat Exchanger Solutions for Extreme Operating Ranges in Chemical Facilities

A chemical processing plant’s innovative approach to adapting a heat exchanger for extreme operating-rate ranges

Vacuum Innovations in Chemical Plants: Ejectors vs. Liquid-Ring Pumps

A look at one plant’s shift from vacuum ejectors to a centralized liquid ring-pump system.

Project Management: Master The Art Of Early Ordering

Early purchasing is done when time is critical. Experienced engineers are required to balance factors and make quick decisions to reduce time from concept to execution.

Continuing Education: Trade Show Tune-Up

After years of hibernation, spring is here, and it’s time again for in-person events. Here are some tips on making the most of your travel experience.

Close-up Look at T-Junction Mixing for Gases

In the right conditions, a simple T-junction mixer can be an effective way to mix gases. Here, we look at the many variations.

Seeing is Believing: Field Test Vacuum Systems for Accurate Troubleshooting

Don’t rely on ‘experienced-based’ estimates to identify critical operating issues in chemical process facilities.

Waste Gas Recovery Systems Reduce Emissions, Improve Energy Efficiency

A reliable configuration will improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

Fight Foam Accumulation

This month’s Plant InSites column explains the struggle of accumulation of foam in chemical storage, and how one company addressed the issue.

Are TEMA Fouling Values Still Relevant?

Traditional approaches to measuring heat exchanger fouling may be a recipe for equipment failure.

Mind Equipment Modifications

Care should be taken when adding parallel equipment to make sure that adequate flow happens in all paths.

Equipment Performance: Consider Critical Heat Flux

Avoid surprises when altering heat-exchanger operating conditions

Fluid Handling: Don’t Push Piping Flow Too High

Understanding velocity limits to prevent erosion and corrosion is crucial

Fluid Handling: Stop Slug Flow

The Froude number can offer important insights

Piping Tips: Use Your Head With Headers

Carefully consider the consequences of configuration on flow distribution

Don’t Rely On Hydraulic Capacity Calculations

Real plant conditions may vary markedly from assumptions

Can Your Pump Cope With Process Changes?

Understand the possible impact of changed dynamic head

Grasp the Nuances of Level Measurement

The differences in the way devices work can profoundly affect readings

Get to the Bottom of Level Limitations

Positioning the lowest tap for a measurement demands care

Properly Tackle Thermal Expansion Issues

Temperature rises can cause significant increases in equipment size or pipe length, leading to potential damage from internal stress.

Interpret Level Readings Right

The type of instrument can make a big difference in deciphering measurements

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

Allocating fluids in a tubular exchanger demands care.

Get Your Head Around Velocity Head

Confusion about what the term means can spell trouble.

More Exchanger Area Can Pose Pitfalls

This "obvious solution" for heat-transfer problems may not work.

Watch Out For Dead-Legs

Lack of flow doesn't mean lack of problems.