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  • Special Report: Put Steam Into Your Efforts

    Author: Spirax Sarco

    The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that steam generation, distribution and cogeneration offer the most cost-effective energy efficiencies in the short term with potential energy savings at over 12%. However, it is important that you ensure steam reach

  • eHandbook: Achieve Better Water/Wastewater Efficiency

    Not every water optimization program suits every wastewater. Indeed, there are several new technologies to consider as well as strategies to upgrade what’s already in place. Not only will sound programs and technologies improve efficiency, they will aid

  • eHandbook: Put Steam Into Your Efforts

    The drive by some chemical companies to improve energy efficiency extends well beyond their production processes. Indeed, steam is a major focus and innovations in water-related energy efficiency are top of mind. But great care must also accompany the purs

  • Steam eHandbook: Strategize Your Steam Systems

    “Irrespective of how steam is produced in our process plants, several aspects of steam generation are common; we should apply standard best practices to them,” says Riyaz Papar, director of Global Energy Services and Chemical Processing&rsq

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