Pick Heaters

Pick Heaters

Training Your Staff About Energy Efficiency -- A Chemical Processing Special Report

Oct. 6, 2015
From Process Engineers to Plant Managers, it is critical that everyone plays a role in implementing and adhering to energy efficient practices and exploring ways to improve energy...

Chemical Processing Special Report: Jacketed Heating

March 19, 2013
Reactor temperature control typically is very important to product quality, production rate and operating costs whether a processor is employing continuous or batch reactors. ...

Heating Water by Direct Steam Injection

May 3, 2012
Direct steam injection provides a solution where large volumes of hot water at precise temperatures are required, and saving space and energy are factors in the system design....

Direct Steam Injection Hot Water Systems for Jacketed Heating

Feb. 14, 2012
This white paper takes an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of steam and hot water for jacketed heating, and compares indirect and direct steam injection systems...