Alan Rossiter

Energy Columnist

Alan Rossiter is a former contributor for Chemical Processing's Energy Saver column. He has more than 35 years of experience in process engineering and management, including eight years in plant technical support, design and research with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI, United Kingdom) and nine years in energy efficiency and waste minimization consulting with Linnhoff March, before starting his own business. In 2019 he joined the University of Houston as Executive Director, External Relations for UH Energy. He is a chartered engineer (U.K.) and a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas. His latest book, Energy Management and Efficiency for the Process Industries, coauthored with Beth Jones, was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2015. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and a Past Chair of the South Texas Section of the AIChE. 

How Much Energy Can You Save?

Nov. 18, 2022
Pinch analysis and benchmarking offer reliable methods for determining energy savings.

Quantify Your Energy Efficiency Program

Oct. 27, 2022
Assess the value of any energy savings using a site’s energy profile, a combination of data and engineering judgment.

Energy & The Environment: Address The Elephant In The Room

Oct. 4, 2022
The challenge in the process industries today is to maintain the viability of our enterprise, and the societal benefits it provides, while also addressing the clear and present...

Is Hydrogen The Wonder Fuel?

Aug. 17, 2022
The drive for decarbonization has created new interest in hydrogen

Beware Of Energy Efficiency Lifecycles

July 19, 2022
Sustained energy efficiency programs help prevent loss of cost-saving methods

Energy Saver Projects: Yes, It Does Matter

June 21, 2022
Incorrect installations can hinder recouping any energy savings

Energy Saver: Get To The Root Of Energy Inefficiencies

May 17, 2022
Reducing energy consumption sometimes requires a deeper look

Energy Saver: Better Calculate The Cost Of Steam

April 19, 2022
Consider several factors when reckoning heat, power and steam costs

Energy Saver: Could Chemical Plants Go Nuclear?

March 21, 2022
Nuclear power has long been recognized as a potential source of low carbon energy

Energy Saver: Squeeze Out The Heat

Feb. 16, 2022
Heat recovery isn’t always a simple endeavor

Get The Lowdown On Eastman Chemical’s Boiler Efficiency

Jan. 24, 2022
It takes a team to achieve improvements

Energy Saver: Improve Fired Equipment Efficiency

Dec. 17, 2021
Several opportunities exist to enhance and maintain the efficiency of furnaces and boilers

Energy Saver: Get Fired Up

Nov. 15, 2021
Furnaces and boilers are an integral part of most sites in the process industries. Addressing issues will improve efficiency.

Energy Saver: Design In A Pinch

Oct. 15, 2021
Overly complicated pinch processes can reduce achievable savings

Energy Saver: Change How Your Plant Runs

Sept. 14, 2021
Focus on operational and engineered improvements, proper maintenance, and new technologies

Energy Saver: Behold The Impact Of Human Behavior

Aug. 16, 2021
Saving energy starts with conscious effort and corporate awareness

Don’t Get Blown Away By Air Motors

July 21, 2021
Compressed air technology isn’t the most energy efficient source of power

Drive Energy Efficiency With Decarbonization

June 18, 2021
Three potential approaches could reduce both carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs

Energy Saver: Stay On Top With EnPIs

April 26, 2021
Energy performance indicators can help improve understanding of a plant and how it performs

Energy Saver: Get Less Steamed Up

March 23, 2021
Software programs can make quick work of optimizing steam and power systems

Screen Your Energy Projects

March 2, 2021
A rigorous evaluation will look at technical credibility, energy savings and cost estimates

Energy Saver: Make The Case For PFD Reviews

Jan. 18, 2021
Identifying improvement opportunities should start with this structured brainstorming activity

Energy Saver: Leap Over Barriers

Dec. 14, 2020
Be wary of several hurdles that can hinder project implementations

Energy Saver: Consider ORCs For Waste Heat Recovery

Nov. 11, 2020
Technological advances and improved economics are spurring use of such equipment

Speak The Language Of Refrigeration

Aug. 28, 2020
Use a simple equation to determine the maximum efficiency of refrigeration equipment

Speak The Language Of Energy Efficiency

Aug. 4, 2020
A simple equation can help determine the maximum efficiency of an ideal heat engine

Energy Saver: Keep Your Plant At A Steady State

June 5, 2020
Minimize disturbances that can increase energy consumption

Energy Saver: Combat Low Rate, Low Efficiency

May 6, 2020
Production cutbacks in continuous processes boost energy consumption

Energy Saver: Double Up On Cogeneration

April 14, 2020
Consider tradeoffs and operator training when looking at cogeneration opportunities

Energy Efficiency: Is It Too Good To Be True?

March 13, 2020
Question the validity of vendor claims that tout extraordinary energy efficiency