Many companies have a goal of becoming carbon neutral and focus on corporate sustainability goals has accelerated. The move to green energy, more-sustainable feedstocks, and a circular economy continues to be an ongoing process for many operations. 



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Water Discharge From an Industrial Process

Enhancing Industrial Water Management in Chemical Processing: Strategies for Compliance, Sustainability and Cost Efficiency

Getting control of industrial wastewater drives efficiencies and presents opportunities for chemical companies.
Untangling Emissions

Untangling Emissions: How The Chemical Industry Is Addressing Scope 3 Challenges

Faced with investor and activist pressure, the chemical industry has two challenges: calculating greenhouse gases in the supply chain and data collection
AVN Corp.
An experienced operator trains a co-op how to test materials for corrosivity or fouling potentials that could result in loss of containment or process upsets. This testing process aligns with key principles of sustainability, including minimization, substitution and simplification.

The Triple Bottom Line: Prioritizing Sustainability in Chemical Operations

Pathways to integrating sustainability into a chemical process plant’s strategic vision.


State Of The Union

Did Biden’s State of the Union Address American Chemistry Council Concerns?

Feb. 8, 2023
A comparison of what the ACC wanted to hear and what President Biden said

IChemE Global Awards Finalists Include Dow, BP

Sept. 13, 2022
More than 100 finalist projects are in the running for the 2022 Global Awards.

Partnership Aims To Develop Novel Electrocatalysts For Green Hydrogen

Aug. 22, 2022
Sibanye-Stillwater and Heraeus enter into a partnership to develop and commercialize novel electrolyzer catalysts for the production of green hydrogen.

Microbes Power Energy-Dense Rocket Fuel

July 12, 2022
Scientists have developed a new class of energy-dense biofuels based on one of nature’s unique molecules.

Imperial Oil Invests $560 Million in Renewable Diesel Facility

Jan. 27, 2023
Canada refinery will tap locally sourced feedstocks and could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 3 million metric tons per year

Boron Nitride Key To Killing Forever Chemicals

Jan. 23, 2023
Ball-milling process uses boron nitride as a non-corrosive additive to react with and destroy PFAS

Sabic Partners to Convert Plastics Waste Into High-Value Chemicals

Dec. 6, 2022
Production is expected to begin in the 2027-2028 timeframe with a site to be determined.

ABB, Coolbrook Aim To Speed Up Decarbonization Of Heavy Industries

Oct. 26, 2022
ABB and Coolbrook sign an agreement to advance technology that helps decarbonize hard-to-abate chemicals.