Fluid Handling

Chemical production involves taking raw materials and processing them into desired products. This requires moving the raw materials into a process, getting materials to pass through specific steps within an operation, transporting intermediate products between steps, and finally sending finished products to storage or packaging and byproducts and wastes for treatment or disposal. 


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Pump Reliability Service

Optimizing Pump Reliability in Continuous Operation Plants

Factors to consider for ensuring pump performance and resilience in chemical facilities
Figure 4: The pin mixer’s visible interior shows the arrangement of pins fabricated and designed for optimal blending retention.

Optimizing the Solid and Liquid Blending Process in Continuous Mixers

A comprehensive how-to guide for boosting the performance of pin and pugmill mixers.
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Assess the Pros, Cons and Best Practices of Butterfly Valves

Valves should be operated within the recommended limits, and frequently maintained for reliable fluid service

Process Puzzler: Sort Out Seal Pot Snags

A variety of approaches can address issues posed by oil



Swagelok Completes New Global Headquarters And Innovation Center

Oct. 1, 2021
Swagelok’s new, state-of-the-art, 124,000-square-foot facility includes an innovation laboratory and the Edward A. Lozick Customer Collaboration Center and is directly connected...

Operation Warp Speed Drives NewAge Industries Expansion

July 12, 2021
The company is building additional clean rooms to manufacture TPE products.

New Age Industries Adds Trio Of Directors

May 4, 2021
The employee-owned company welcomes three new directors.

Swagelok Launches Gas Distribution Program

Dec. 11, 2020
A complete suite of services and subsystems from Swagelok is designed to help fully optimize critical gas distribution systems in industrial facilities.

White Papers: In Depth Research

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eHandbook: Foil Fluid Flow Frustrations

Dec. 9, 2022
To help you foil fluid flow frustrations, Chemical Processing has put together this eHandbook.
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eHandbook: Vanquish Flow Vexations

Oct. 6, 2022
Moving raw materials into a process, getting them to pass through specific steps within an operation, transporting intermediate products between steps, and finally sending finished...

Chemical Processing’s eHandbook: Improve Flow Management

Jan. 28, 2015
Half the battle with flow is choosing the proper equipment. Indeed, flow meter selection and specification is crucial. With the wrong choice you’ll be floundering or worse. In...

Not All CPVC Piping Systems Perform The Same

Dec. 17, 2014
Newly Developed CPVC Piping Systems are Pressure Rated 25% Higher than Traditional CPVC SystemsSince its introduction to the market in 1959 by The Lubrizol Corporation, chlorinated...

Profit From Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Dec. 13, 2021
Follow some practical pointers to properly use these handy devices

Puzzler: Conquer A Centrifuge Control Challenge

Dec. 7, 2021
Multiple issues need addressing to come up with a suitable instrument package

Don’t Rely On Hydraulic Capacity Calculations

Real plant conditions may vary markedly from assumptions

Exair Introduces ¼ NPT HollowStream Spray Nozzle

Nov. 28, 2021
Nozzles are used to solve cooling, cleaning, foam breaking, rinsing and dust suppression applications.