Chevron Promotes “Keep Clean” Vendors

Feb. 7, 2022
Chevron introduces “Keep Clean Preferred Vendor Program” to offer lubricant performance and anti-contamination services to customers post-purchase.

Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc., launches the Keep Clean Preferred Vendor Program to provide customers with the tools and services to make the most of their lubricants. The Chevron Keep Clean Preferred Vendor Program recommends reputable vendors who offer tools to enhance lubricant-reliant operations for small, medium and large enterprises after products are purchased. From storage and handling to sampling tools for fluid analysis, Keep Clean Vendors aid organizations with their maintenance and lubrication needs—so these organizations can maximize performance and minimize costly downtime.

Extending Chevron’s customer-centric approach to lubrication, vendors in the Keep Clean Preferred Vendor Program are selected based off Chevron’s stringent requirements for quality suppliers who can provide the resources and knowledge to keep lubricants clean once delivered and in-service, according to the company.

“Lubrication is the lifeblood of machinery and vehicles for operations, and maintaining clean lubricants is of the utmost importance,” says Jason Bendon, chief commercial officer of Des-Case, a Chevron Keep Clean Preferred vendor. “For more than 30 years, Des-Case products have extended the life of industrial lubricants by preventing, detecting and removing lubricant moisture and contaminants, and we are incredibly proud to partner with Chevron as a resource for their customers.”

 “Fluid sampling is a vital component to any operation, providing managers with the monitoring and knowledge necessary to keep assets up and running longer,” says Bernie Hall, general manager of Chevron Keep Clean Preferred vendor, Checkfluid. “As Chevron’s Isoclean preferred vendor for fluid sampling products, we at Checkfluid look forward to bringing our more than 20 years of experience to elevate Chevron customers’ lubrication programs to make sampling easier, more reliable and most cost-effective.”

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