Pioneer Pump Launches ElectricPAK Pump Packages

May 26, 2022
ElectricPAK modular pump packages help users get a pump and motor configuration onsite more quickly than custom-built units.

Franklin Electric Co., Inc. brand Pioneer Pump launches the ElectricPAK, a modular offering of electric-driven pump packages that helps users get a pump and motor configuration onsite more quickly and efficiently than custom-built units.

The new line of pump packages is engineered from the ground up to offer a fully streamlined experience for owners and operators. Each configured assembly includes a high-performance pump and electric motor that reportedly provides better flow, higher head and greater efficiency. The robust design also features a rigid motor stool that keeps the pump and motor permanently aligned. This unique feature eliminates the need for time-consuming alignment work or special tools upon delivery or when the unit is moved. This modular system can also be disassembled quickly and simply, for reduced service and maintenance hours.

The ElectricPAK’s modular system, combined with an extensive range of motor choices, allows users to select the most efficient pump based on the duty point. Users can also choose from a stationary base or drag skid. Helping them make their selection is Franklin Electric’s proprietary FE Select online specification tool. It allows users to configure and quote a complete ElectricPAK that meets their application needs from any web-enabled device. With 24/7 online and mobile-friendly availability, FE Select instantly helps formalize deliverables with printable and downloadable quotes: no waiting for a callback.