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  • Special Report: Are your corrosion control practices rusty?

    Author: Emerson

    Many refineries rely on equipment well past original design life. These assets, some of which now have been in operation for double that time, face an ever-increasing risk of failure due to internal corrosion attack.

    Making Pressure Sensors Last in Corrosive Environments

    Author: VEGA Americas

    Getting pressure sensors to last in the corrosive, volatile, and hazardous environments typically found in the chemical industry is a challenge. This paper focuses on improvements in pressure technology, specifically ceramic cells and other safety features

  • eHandbook: Ponder These Process Control Best Practices

    If an out-of-control situation is detected, you can quickly make changes to bring the process back into control. It’s a dance that requires monitoring and action. To help you with process-control footwork, Chemical Processing has put together an

  • eHandbook: Improve Batch Processing

    In batch processing, there are several things to consider. It’s not unusual for a facility to average more than 1,000 alarms per month. But alarm-remediation projects can reduce total alarms by over 70%. When it comes to blenders, choice can affect end r

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