Extreme Coatings Launches High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Coating System

June 12, 2022
Extreme Coatings introduces new wear-resistant coating system for oil and gas industry.

Extreme Coatings, a global supplier of wear-resistant coatings for the plastics, rubber and oil and gas industries, launches a new internal diameter high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) coating system for oil and gas and industrial components. The new IDX internal diameter HVOF coating provides a high-performance tungsten carbide nano coating for diameters as small as three inches, lengths up to eight feet and thicknesses up to 0.015 of an inch. The thermal spray system – consisting of a delivery mechanism and coating material - provides a tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome coating which delivers abrasion resistance and three times the service life of chrome-plated parts, according to the company.

The internal diameter HVOF coating is also corrosion resistant and crack free. It is 99% porosity-free and reportedly superior to white iron, chrome plated or other ID surface engineered option coatings. The IDX system is targeted for a range of oil and gas applications including housings, cylinders, bushings, sleeves, mechanical seals and hydraulic cylinders.