Powder & Solids

Dealing with bulk solids — materials than can range from fine powders to coarse particulates or even chunks — raises particular challenges compared to liquids and gases because such solid materials don’t necessarily respond consistently or as expected. Small changes in particle shape, composition, moisture or other parameters can have a big and sometimes surprising impact. 


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Solids Handling: Six Factors That Improve Agglomerates

Solids Handling: Six Factors That Improve Agglomerates

The secret to superior flowability is understanding factors that control agglomeration and clumping.
1 4 Blower Package For Dilute Phase Conveying

The Dynamics of Pneumatic Conveyors in Chemical Processing: Flow, Control and Reliability

An overview of the different types of pneumatic conveyors, how they work and application-specific considerations.
Examples of wear resistance tiles inside a chute for bulk material handling. In this chute, only the surface under direct impact of the discharge bulk materials is protected with tiles.

Bulking Up: Wear-Resistant Materials for Powder, Solids Handling Equipment

How high-strength materials can reduce downtime and improve the performance of bulk material, slurry handling and other critical chemical processing systems

White Papers: In Depth Research

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Pulverize Pesky Dust and Particulates

Feb. 3, 2023
Controlling toxic and combustible dust is a common yet serious challenge in chemical processing.
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Bulk Solids Innovation Center Journal: Understand When To Use A Closed-Loop Conveying System

Oct. 26, 2022
Chemical Processing in collaboration with the Bulk Solids Innovation Center has developed this Journal to help you better understand bulk solids processing and solve your challenges...

Meco introduces OFS shaft seals for vapor containment in process machinery

Oct. 4, 2006
Meco's new outside face seal (OFS) is designed for high-temperature and high-speed bulk processing applications where many seals and packings can overheat and fail. OFS seals ...

Bulk Buster Brochure

Jan. 20, 2005
Bulk Bag Unloaders for All Bag Styles Brochure describes the BulkBuster™ bulk bag unloader which is available in a variety of styles and options to accommodate all bag styles...