November 2021


Poll Results: Female Engineers

We asked readers: How has the level of female engineers at your site changed in the past three years?

More Efficient Heat Exchangers Emerge

Topology software and additive manufacturing lead to markedly better performance

Chemical Processing Economic Snapshot Ending August 2021

Shipments rose slightly but capacity utilization and the CAB slipped. Source: American Chemistry Council.

Motor Efficiency Turns Upward

Regulation and end-user desires are spurring improvements

Electrocatalytic Route Eases Urea Production

The process boasts yield and catalytic selectivity that are up to 40% higher than other electrocatalytic routes to urea production.

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High-Throughput Experimentation Qualifies Commercial Catalyst

Parallel testing eases selection of gas-phase-hydrogenation catalyst to load during turnaround

Hurricane Ida Teaches A Tough Lesson

Think carefully about where you keep irreplaceable items

Put Soil Remediation On Solid Ground

Fixing fouling and other issues demands deeper digging

Heat Exchanger: Forestall Fouling-Factor Foul-ups

Accumulated errors can invalidate calculated results for heat exchangers

Select The Proper pH Sensor

Consider a number of key factors including the value of digitalization

Safe Sample Systems Bolster Bottom Line

Grab representative samples in a simple way, the first time, every time

Consider Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers

These units’ small channels offer high efficiency in clean services

Why Doesn’t Your Mill Work Well?

Figuring out how to get the most from your equipment can be a grind

Engineering Advice: Properly Vet Contractors

Some sensible steps can stave off unwelcome surprises

Is Extended Producer Responsibility On The Rise For Packaging?

Law adopted by two states makes producers responsible for product waste
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Energy Saver: Design In A Pinch

Overly complicated pinch processes can reduce achievable savings

3D-Printing Process Holds 4D Possibilities

Hybrid method combines manufacturing and chemical treatment to strengthen parts