Vacuum Conveying System Handles Sanitary Applications

Schenck Process Group members Schenck AccuRate and Mac Process released the new MoveMaster Vac Vacuum Conveying System. The MoveMaster Vac is a vacuum conveying system that offers a cleaner operating environment for handling both raw materials and finished products. It is suitable for batch dilute phase conveying, direct loss in weight feeder refill and integrated volumetric feeding and conveying. 

Key components of the MoveMaster Vac system include pick-up and reception points that are modularly designed with dust-proof seals and quick-release clamps to simplify cleaning. Complete units can be disassembled in minutes. Modular construction also means changing process needs can be accommodated by replacing the relevant standard components from a wide range available.

The MoveMaster Vac was designed for sanitary applications with easy-to-clean surfaces and contamination-free transfer of materials. It also can handle the rigors of conveying materials that are corrosive and hazardous found in many industrial processes.  A wide range of powders, pellets and additives can be accommodated at rates up to 4,400 lbs./hr. and temperatures to 110˚F.    

A selection of three unit sizes are available with the new MoveMaster Vac system that include 10, 35 and 80-liter capacities as well as bag or cartridge filter media and feed bin pick up options to meet most application needs.  

Powders and solids
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