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Vacuum Conveying System Handles Sanitary Applications

Dec. 23, 2013
A wide range of powders, pellets and additives can be accommodated at rates up to 4,400 lbs./hr. and temperatures to 110˚F.

Group Controller Features Touch Screen Operation

March 15, 2012
Users can manage up to 16 gravimetric screw feeders, weighfeeders, and mass flowmeters.
ProFlex C Feeder

Versatile Feeder Offers Space and Cost Efficiency

April 10, 2008
Designed specifically for extruder manufacturers and compounders, the ProFlex C feeder packs maximum versatility into a space- and cost-efficient package that's easy to operate...

Feeder Meters a Variety of Powders, Granules, Chips, Flakes and Fibers

April 10, 2008
For metering a variety of powders, granules, chips, flakes and fibers, Schenck AccuRate announces the Mechatron Coni-Steel Vibro Feeder. With a uniquely designed maintenance free...