Circular Fluid Bed Dryer Features Rigid Processing Chamber

Kason’s new 30-inch Vibro-Bed circular fluid bed drying system was designed to increase operating efficiency, cut cleaning time and reduce cost. Inherent rigidity of the circular fluid bed processing chamber allows materials of construction to be down-gauged and vibratory motors to be downsized.

The design also eliminates associated components, such as multiple air inlets and outlets. The circular unit only requires one of each, which lessens weight and provides potential energy-efficiency savings. Reductions in material, weld seams and associated labor can decrease fabrication cost, particularly when units are finished to FDA, USDA, BISSC or 3A standards.

The unit may also require less cleaning time with stainless-steel material contact surfaces, reduced weld seams a quick-disconnect housing and lack of internal cross members. Compactness and light weight allow configuring of complete systems or modules containing the blower, heater and programmable controls on skid-mounted frames. This means the unit requires only on-site connections to a power source, dust collector, and material inlet/outlet.

Material fed into the top inlet of the dryer descends into the fluid bed chamber where it vibrates on a circular screen within a rising column of heated air ducted into the bottom of the chamber from the upstream heater/blower. The continuous airflow, and vibration induced by two vibratory motors and spring suspension, separate and fluidize individual particles, maximizing surface area and drying efficiency. 

Powders and solids
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