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Kason Introduces Kek-Gardner High Capacity Centrifugal Sifter Model K1350C

April 19, 2016
Kason’s Model K1350C removes oversize foreign matter and agglomerates from on-size material at rates up to 100 tons per hour on a continuous basis.

Ultrasonic Sanitary Screener Resists Blending, Contamination

Oct. 3, 2013
The gap-free design can reduces the possibility of contamination due to bacteria growth.

Clean-In-Place Sanitary Two-Deck Screener Scalps and Dedusts

March 22, 2013
Screener is equipped with quick-disconnect clamps between each screen frame.

Circular Fluid Bed Dryer Features Rigid Processing Chamber

Oct. 29, 2012
Rigidity of the circular fluid bed processing chamber allows materials of construction to be down-gauged and vibratory motors to be downsized.

Screener Includes Anti-Blinding Spray Wash System

Oct. 5, 2012
Unit contains a 48-inch diameter screen in a cylindrical housing.

Pressure Sifter Removes Oversized Particles

April 25, 2012
Sealed system can be employed to operate under a blanket of an inert gas.

Classifier Separates Material Into Three Fractions

Dec. 20, 2011
Unit is equipped with sanitary epoxy-mounted screens.

Screener Handles Wet And Dry Solids With High Oversize Fractions

Sept. 18, 2011
Typical applications include removal of fines from products such as plastic pellets, cereal, pet food, fertilizer, salt and sugar, as well as dewatering large amounts of solids...

New Centrifugal Screener Includes Clean-In-Place Spray Balls

Aug. 8, 2011
External roller bearings located at the motor end of the shaft and on a hinged cover at the discharge end provide support and vibration-free operation under heavy loads.

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Low-Profile Screener Employs Two Screening Decks

Feb. 9, 2011
The design allows for vertical alignment of the top inlet and bottom outlet, allowing the smallest fraction to descend through the screener in a straight-through path at high ...

Sanitary Sifter's Two Motors Reduce Height

Nov. 19, 2010
All material contact surfaces and the floor stand are stainless steel with continuous welds polished to cGMP, 3-A, USDA and FDA standards.

Centrifugal Screener's Insulated Jacket Maintains Material Temperature

Oct. 15, 2010
External roller bearings are located at the motor end of the shaft and on a sliding cover at the discharge end for maximum support and vibration-free operation.

Small Batch Sifter Can Be Autoclaved

June 15, 2010
A new Ultra Sanitary Mini Centri-Sifter centrifugal sifter for screening small batches of pharmaceutical powders and other contamination-sensitive products, can be disassembled...

Screen Air Separator Employs Vibratory Screening

May 3, 2010
A new Vibro-Air Size/Density Separator from Kason Corporation employs vibratory screening to remove undersize particles, and airflow to simultaneously remove low bulk density ...

Screener Discharges Oversize Particles 360 Degrees

Jan. 5, 2010
A new vibratory screener that discharges oversize particles 360° around the periphery of a circular screening deck increases capacity, improves efficiency, minimizes screen blinding...

Twin Centrifugal Screener Does the Work of Two

Sept. 10, 2009
The Centri-Sifter twin ultra-high capacity centrifugal screener reportedly matches the capacity of two individual high-capacity screeners within a smaller footprint, while cantilevered...
Kason drying system

System Sorts Particles and Dewaters/Dries On-Size Material

May 21, 2008
Kason Corporation introduces a dewatering-drying system, consisting of a circular, vibratory screener integrated with a circular, fluid-bed dryer that removes oversized and undersized...

Centrifugal Screener Features a Hinged End Cover and a Three-Bearing Shaft for Quick Removal of Internal Components

April 1, 2008
Kason Corporation Introduces Centri-Sifter Centrifugal Screener