Piston Compressors Packaged For Quiet Operation

Quincy Compressor unveils the QT-Xtreme and the PLT-Xtreme, continuous-duty reciprocating compressors with a canopy for delivering reliable shop air without all the noise. Extremely quiet, they allow for normal conversation while running and boast sound levels as low as 64 db(A) on the five horsepower model and 65 db(A) on the 7.5 hp unit.

Quincy Compressor’s Xtreme packaged units include specific configurations of two-stage QT splash or PLT pressure lubricated, tank-mounted compressors available in single- or three-phase power configurations. Each 5- or 7.5-horsepower Xtreme features:

  • Sound attenuating canopy for low-noise operation between 64 and 65 db(A)
  • 175 psig yields greater air storage than a 150 psig rotary screw compressor
  • Air-cooled aftercooler for moisture removal
  • Reduced operating costs with start/stop controls
  • Axial flow fan for maximum cooling
  • Removable front and back panels for serviceability
  • Lower maintenance cost than typical comparable rotary screw compressor
  • Five-Year True Blue Warranty
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