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Quincy Compressor Introduces QGV BADGERXE NEMA4 VSD Air Compressor

June 13, 2018
Quincy Compressor introduces a VSD air compressor for extreme conditions.

Air Compressor Helps Reduce Operating Costs

April 5, 2010
Quincy Compressor recently announced the release of its new QGV family of Variable Speed Drive air compressors which operates efficiently to reduce energy costs.The QGV line is...

Direct Drive Compressor Is Quiet And Easy To Maintain

March 6, 2009
Quincy Compressor introduces what is said to be the quietest direct drive compressor on the market, with a compact, efficient footprint. The Quincy QGD boasts the lowest sound...
QT-Xtreme angle

Continuous-Duty Compressors Deliver Air Without The Noise

March 4, 2009
Quincy Compressor unveils its QT-Xtreme and PLT-Xtreme, continuous-duty reciprocating compressors with a canopy said to deliver reliable shop air without all the noise. Extremely...

Piston Compressors Packaged For Quiet Operation

Feb. 16, 2009
Quincy unveils the QT-Xtreme and the PLT-Xtreme continuous-duty reciprocating compressor