Digital Peristaltic Pump May Maximize Productivity

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. introduces the new Thermo Scientific Masterflex P/S line of digital peristaltic pumping systems. The P/S line is available in a wide range of complete systems, which include either a standard digital drive; a computerized drive; or a stainless steel NEMA 4X process drive.

The Masterflex P/S digital pump is said to provide a number of important advantages for the industrial user, including repeatability of 0.1% to maximize productivity in precision chemical feed, batch dispensing and filling applications.  A turndown ratio upwards to 6,000-to-1 provides users with substantial flexibility in volume and time of dispense in addition to a smooth, seamless operation and an extremely broad flow range within a single tubing size.  Plus, with flow capacities from 0 to 54 GPH, you can achieve a flow range of 380,000-to- 1 in one pump head, according to the company.

P/S pump systems are available as a complete system with Masterflex Easy-Load 2 or High Performance pump heads. The pumps are self-priming, able to operate dry and suitable for most chemicals, and contain no valves or seals to replace. Fluid only contacts the tubing, providing for contamination-free pumping.

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