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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Orion 8000 Series Analyer Platform

May 5, 2021
The Thermo Scientific Orion 8000 Series Analyzer Platform meets the high-quality water analysis needs of industrial facilities.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System Offers Dual Analysis for MACT Compliance

Nov. 14, 2013
TEOM technology measures the true mass concentration of particulate matter emissions.

Sulfur Emissions Analyzer Offers Dynamic Range, Small Footprint

March 12, 2009
The SOLA II Flare, from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has been redesigned as a single analyzer system for continuous monitoring of sulfur emissions. It offers a dynamic measurement...

Modular Analyzer Uses A Combustion Method

Feb. 11, 2009
Thermo Fisher's Titan 4000 compact modular Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine (NSX) analyzer uses a combustion method that allows the analyzer to cater for a range of applications...
Thermo PS

Digital Peristaltic Pump May Maximize Productivity

Jan. 21, 2009
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Peristaltic Pump
TITAN 4000

NSX Analyzer Offers Improved Sample Introduction and Enhanced Oxidative Combustion Performance

Jan. 19, 2009
Thermo Fisher Scientific announces the TITAN 4000 Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine (NSX) analyzer