Split Shaft Seals Curb VOC Emissions

Woodex Bearing Co. Inc.’s original MECO custom shaft seals are said to be effective in containing volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors from rotating reactor, blender, dryer, extractor and conveyor driveshafts, resulting in local solvent concentrations of 100 ppm and less.

MECO’s patented seal designs are custom-engineered to accommodate diametric shaft run-out of 6mm and more and still hold vacuum. Some models can operate at high temperature without a purge or flush line. Fully split models can be installed on existing machinery with minimal downtime. Seal performance is reliable, with long run-time between rebuilds, even in applications with bent or misaligned shafts, according to the company. Seal maintenance can be predicted far in advance.

MECO seals are used on rotating equipment in the dry powder and bulk processing industries. FDA-approved materials are available.

Powders and solids
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