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Shaft Seals Solve Powder Problems

Feb. 2, 2010
MECO shaft seals are custom-engineered to solve problems found in dry powder and bulk process machinery.

Standard Screw Conveyor Seals Designed For Majority Of Conditions

July 29, 2009
MECO recently introduced a new generation of high-performing standard-sized seals for screw conveyors and similar equipment: the HB model.HB model seals have many of the design...

Split Shaft Seals Withstand Abrasive, Dry Processes

July 3, 2009
MECO custom shaft seals are built to withstand industry’s most abrasive products, including sugar, starch, salt, porcelain, gypsum, talc, silica-–even industrial diamonds, according...

Split Shaft Seals Can Be Used on Top-Entry Vacuum Mixers

July 3, 2009
MECO offers its custom “OFS” (outside face seal), a patented single-face seal design, for use on top-entry vacuum mixers. Unlike packed glands, the OFS is said to handle both ...

Split Shaft Seals Curb VOC Emissions

Jan. 9, 2009
MECO custom shaft seals curb vapors

Woodex Bearing Company, Meco Seals Division

Oct. 4, 2006
Meco introduces new shaft seal design