Versatile Feeder Offers Space and Cost Efficiency

Designed specifically for extruder manufacturers and compounders, the ProFlex C feeder packs maximum versatility into a space- and cost-efficient package that's easy to operate, reconfigure, clean and service. 

The AC drive motor assembly and material discharge positions can be exchanged, optimizing the feeders ability to accommodate different mounting and clustering requirements for up to eight feeders. Additionally, the ProFlex C supports both single and twin-screw configurations allowing the feeder to easily be adapted to handle new materials and new application requirements in the future.

The ProFlex C features an asymmetric flexible polyurethane feed-hopper and a six-point external agitation system that can be adjusted without influencing screw speed. 

Servicing the feeder can be done from two different sides, which reduces space requirements while providing easy access to all critical components. Disassembly is done quickly and easily without the need for special tools. 

An integrated, dual strain gauge load cell-based multi-point weighing system serves as the heart of the ProFlex C's loss-in-weight metering capability. Used in conjunction with Schenck AccuRate's Disocont LIW controller, the ProFlex C becomes a loss-in-weight feeding system capable of metering a broad range of resins, colors, fillers, impact modifiers and UV inhibitors at feed rates up to 210 ft³ (6,000 liters) per hour.