Centrifugal Screener Features a Hinged End Cover and a Three-Bearing Shaft for Quick Removal of Internal Components

Kason Corporatio's Centri-Sifter centrifugal screener model MO-SS features a hinged end cover and a three-bearing shaft that cantilevers for quick removal of internal components.

External roller bearings are located at the motor end of the shaft and on a hinged cover at the discharge end for maximum support and vibration-free operation. When the end cover is hinged open, the shaft becomes a cantilever supported by a third externally-mounted roller bearing located between the motor-end bearing and material feed point, allowing internal components to slide freely from the opposite shaft end for thorough wash-down.

The screener is constructed of stainless steel finished to 3-A, FDA, BISSC and other sanitary standards required for food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications, as well as general chemical applications involving frequent screen changes/inspections or runs of multiple materials with no cross contamination.

Dry or moist bulk solid material is gravity-fed into the feed inlet and redirected into the cylindrical sifting chamber by means of a feed screw. Rotating helical paddles within the chamber continuously propel the material against the screen, while the resultant, centrifugal force on the particles accelerates them through the apertures. On-size particles are funneled through a discharge housing equipped with an inspection door, while oversized particles and trash are propelled through the screen cylinder and ejected through a discharge spout.

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