Crane Introduces FKX 9000 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

May 9, 2016
Triple offset butterfly valve delivers flow control, optimized Cv and low Delta P in a single valve.

For harsh critical process applications, steam isolation and temperature extremes, the Crane FKX 9000 triple offset butterfly valve from Crane ChemPharma & Energy provides flow control, optimized Cv and low Delta P in a single valve. The Crane FKX 9000 reportedly delivers zero-leak shutoff in high-temperature applications, hydrocarbon service and emergency shut down (ESD) service.

The seat angle design and Stellite hard-faced valve body seat provide a longer seal life and improved abrasion resistance, even after extensive cycling, according to the company. The Crane FKX 9000 is designed to eliminate wedging or binding of the disc and lower the operating torque. The precision machined metal seat and seal ring deliver bi-directional shutoff in high-temperature, high-pressure and severe service applications. The right-angle conical design facilitates an almost frictionless in-line sealing, according to Crane.

Stem seal design permits fugitive emissions control (ISO 15848, Class A) under recurrent and extreme thermal cycling and reduces potential down time.  Unlike position-seated ball, butterfly or plug valves, the torque-seated Crane FKX 9000 self-adjusts to evenly distribute seal compression.  A “floating” seal ring and wide seal ring supporting gasket yield a better seal to eliminate binding and enhance performance.