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  • July/August 2023
  • July/August 2023

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    Visualize Virtual Reality Blessings and Burdens

    Careful consideration of training objectives and challenges is necessary to maximize the benefits of virtual reality technology.
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    Exercise Ethical Engineering

    When faced with dilemmas, stand firm in your convictions
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    Optimizing Heat Exchangers in Chemical Processing: Shell-and-Tube vs. Plate Types

    A look at how to match configurations to applications, needs and operating environment
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    Beyond Greenwashing: How to Get Certified Sustainable

    Sustainability designations like ISCC Plus can authenticate chemical manufacturers’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

    Oxyfuel Combustion Ignites a Pathway to Zero Emissions

    Oxyfuel combustion technology offers a significant advantage by saving money and reducing emissions compared to carbon capture utilization and storage.

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    U.S. Chemical Weapons Stockpile Nears End

    Two sites have been tasked with destroying chemical agents, including mustard gas, by Sept. 30 of this year.
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    TSCA, SNURs, and Plastic Waste-Based Feedstocks

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed significant new use rules under the Toxic Substances Control Act for 18 chemicals subject to premanufacture notices.
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    Powder Handling: Solve Problems Predicting Particulates

    Why is the behavior of particulate solids so hard to predict? There’s a saying that sums up working with solids: In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice;...
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    Process Safety: Prepare For The Worst

    Ensure your employees are trained to respond to an emergency so their response is second nature.
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    Project Management: Master The Art Of Early Ordering

    Early purchasing is done when time is critical. Experienced engineers are required to balance factors and make quick decisions to reduce time from concept to execution.
    Figure 4. Choosing higher-grade components could eliminate the need to replace or repair components for the life of your system.

    Lower Maintenance Costs Through Modern Gas Panel Management

    Modernizing gas distribution components in your system can help you move gas more efficiently and effectively.