May/June 2023

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Calling Out Scope 3 Hang-Ups

Confusion comes as companies implement different strategies. After reading this month’s cover story, “Untangling Emissions," Scope 3 certification now reminds me of the telephone...

Untangling Emissions: How The Chemical Industry Is Addressing Scope 3 Challenges

Faced with investor and activist pressure, the chemical industry has two challenges: calculating greenhouse gases in the supply chain and data collection
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Ball Mills Produce Photochemical Reactions

Researchers replaced the large volume of toxic solvents usually needed for light-driven chemical reactions with the mechanical energy in ball mills.
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Develop Your Decarbonization Roadmap

To achieve net zero, first develop a roadmap that implements Scope 1 and 2 emission reduction projects, such as energy efficiency improvements, carbon capture and storage or utilization...
Figure 4: The pin mixer’s visible interior shows the arrangement of pins fabricated and designed for optimal blending retention.

Optimizing the Solid and Liquid Blending Process in Continuous Mixers

A comprehensive how-to guide for boosting the performance of pin and pugmill mixers.

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EU Shares Roadmap to Harnessing Digital Technologies

The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and management consulting firm Arthur D Little share how the chemical industry can adopt digital technologies to create a circular...
Differences between on-spec and fit-for-purpose
Tips To Troubleshoot Solids

Powder Handling: Tips To Troubleshoot Solids

Expect unexpected characteristics of solids to alter process outcomes dramatically.
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EPA Proposes to Ban Most Uses of Methylene Chloride

The proposed risk management rule would “rapidly phase down” methylene chloride manufacturing, processing and distribution within 15 months.
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Continuing Education: Trade Show Tune-Up

After years of hibernation, spring is here, and it’s time again for in-person events. Here are some tips on making the most of your travel experience.
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LAB Tested: Cleaner Biodegradable Detergent Catalysts

Advancements in linear alkylbenzene (LAB) technology are gaining attention in the consumer products world as manufacturers look for ways to produce safer, more environmentally...
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Close-up Look at T-Junction Mixing for Gases

In the right conditions, a simple T-junction mixer can be an effective way to mix gases. Here, we look at the many variations.
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2023 Editors' Choice article New Chemistries Avoid Disaster

Could New Chemistries, Retooled Production Strategies Prevent the Next East Palestine Spill?

Experts weigh in on tactics the chemical industry could or should adopt in the near and long term.