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  • March/April 2023
  • March/April 2023

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    Prevent Process Safety Incidents by Identifying Weak Signals

    Listen in as Trish Kerin employs the platypus to help us uncover weak signals -- those unexpected or unexplainable alarms, lead indicators that may be easily dismissed as false...
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    The Path to More Consistent Material Sampling in Chemical Applications

    A look at common material sampling problems and strategies to overcome them
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    Cybersecurity: Beware of Bank Robbers and Saboteurs

    It behooves your facility to check all the doors before the vandals, burglars/bank robbers, hoodlums, spies and saboteurs start rattling the knobs.

    Cybersecurity in the Chemical Industry: From Operations to IT, Collaboration is Key

    An effective cybersecurity strategy requires teamwork, sound policies and common sense
    Source: University of Adelaide’s Centre for Materials in Energy and Catalysis.
    Figure 1. The new 3D printing technique overcomes cost and complexity issues.

    Researchers Use 3D Printing to Produce Single-Atom Catalysts

    Using 3D printing, researchers in Australia have developed a novel technique to produce customized single-atom catalysts (SACs).

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    Waste Gas Recovery Systems Reduce Emissions, Improve Energy Efficiency

    A reliable configuration will improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions
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    The First Step Toward Decarbonization

    When considering Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 projects, avoid investing in technologies that still burn fossil fuels, even if they improve energy efficiency.
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    Maine Reporting Rule Targets PFAS

    Rule would require manufacturers to report all new products and product components sold, offered for sale, or distributed for sale in the state of Maine that contain intentionally...
    Source: Yokogawa
    Figure 1. Distillation columns at the Eneos Materials chemical plant in Japan lacked automation control.
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    Vital Data for Solids Scale-Up

    Solids are the most common form of product manufactured, primarily because they are easy to store and transport. However, they have unexpected physical characteristics. This roadmap...
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    Hydrogen Not the Answer in Net-Zero Emissions

    UK committee says hydrogen is not a panacea to pollution problems
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    Chemical Regulations: What to Watch in 2023

    PFAS and clean air initiatives will impact the chemical sector, but the true cost for the industry remains to be seen