February 2022


Fire And Explosion Protection: Take Note Of Revisions To TR-84.00.07

The latest version of this key resource on fire and gas systems contains significant changes

Chemical Processing Economic Snapshot Ending November 2021

Shipments and capacity utilization both continued to rise. Source: American Chemistry Council.

Avoid Vacuum-Pump-Sizing Pitfalls

A variety of under-appreciated factors can cause havoc

Light Shines On Simpler Amine Synthesis

A new method to create primary amines uses an enzyme activated by blue light to reduce energy, waste and the number of reaction steps necessary.

Processing Equipment: New Separation Options Beckon

Developments in membranes and dividing wall columns promise significant benefits

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Recycling: Polyurethane Requires A Rethink

Study suggests promising ways to reduce the environmental impact of the common plastic

Wireless Technology: Tablets Provide Productivity Pluses

Mobile devices improve access management and more for Korean company

Fluid Handling: Are You Playing Vacuum-System Roulette?

Combining condensate drain lines always is a gamble

Solids Handling: Better Understand Belt Conveyors

Belt behavior is one of a number of critical factors that affect performance

Corporate Citizenship: Sustainability Gets Attention But...

Survey points up sizable gaps between intent and action

Sensibly Estimate Project Time And Cost

Properly account for the impact of the pandemic and other issues

Green Energy: Compressed Air Gets A Closer Look

Researchers fine-tune efficiency issues in novel energy storage method

Toxic Substances: EPA Targets Asbestos

In Part 2 of asbestos regulation, the agency will evaluate conditions of use excluded from Part 1