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View Chemical Processing's History—See Our Future

Dec. 5, 2023
We’ve covered a lot in 85 years, and the next 85 look promising
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Exercise Ethical Engineering

Aug. 1, 2023
When faced with dilemmas, stand firm in your convictions
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Calling Out Scope 3 Hang-Ups

May 30, 2023
Confusion comes as companies implement different strategies. After reading this month’s cover story, “Untangling Emissions," Scope 3 certification now reminds me of the telephone...
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Cybersecurity: Beware of Bank Robbers and Saboteurs

March 28, 2023
It behooves your facility to check all the doors before the vandals, burglars/bank robbers, hoodlums, spies and saboteurs start rattling the knobs.
Ready For Second Act

Ready For the Second Act?

Feb. 3, 2023
The stage is set for more Chemical Processing magic
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It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Dec. 2, 2022
Mark Rosenzweig retires as Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Processing magazine.

End The Drama At The Chemical Safety And Hazard Investigation Board

Aug. 29, 2022
Turmoil at the top has hobbled its essential work for far too long

Work From Home Wisely

July 25, 2022
Take some tips from a veteran of doing a job remotely

Greenhouse Gases: See The Forest Not Just The Trees

June 28, 2022
Chemical makers’ efforts on CO2 address only part of the problem

Decommissioning: Repurposing Sites Can Make Sense

June 1, 2022
A former pharmaceutical plant points up the possibilities

IChemE Celebrates Centennial

April 18, 2022
Organization remains an important force in the chemical engineering profession

Remember The West Fertilizer Explosion

March 22, 2022
Issues revealed by the incident nearly a decade ago demand ongoing vigilance

Industrial Safety: Dust Never Sleeps

Feb. 21, 2022
Allocate adequate attention to addressing its safety, health and other hazards

Corporate Citizenship: Sustainability Gets Attention But...

Jan. 28, 2022
Survey points up sizable gaps between intent and action

Forecasts Point To Improving U.S. Economy

Jan. 11, 2022
The American chemical industry won’t be alone in seeing an uptick

Process Safety Gaps Persist

Nov. 16, 2021
Survey shows corporate execution still nowhere near matches intention

Hurricane Ida Teaches A Tough Lesson

Nov. 1, 2021
Think carefully about where you keep irreplaceable items

Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates Celebrates Centennial

Sept. 21, 2021
Its diverse efforts aim to bolster the specialty chemicals industry

Chemical Industry: Keep Up With Evolving Codes

Sept. 1, 2021
Knowing the key differences between new and previous versions is important

Recycling: Plastics Require A Rethink

July 30, 2021
Policy paper promotes establishing a global treaty with three specific goals

Process Safety Program Launches

June 7, 2021
Collaborative initiative aims to boost competency of current workers.

Report Dives Into Water Security

May 3, 2021
Several key points emerge from the responses of a record number of companies

Environmental Protection: Don’t Call Them Strange Bedfellows

March 24, 2021
Chemical makers and environmental groups working together is a natural pairing

Chemical Engineering: Experience Counts

March 9, 2021
Trust people with insights honed over many years