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  • Increasing Efficiency During Dewatering

    Author: Arizona Instrument LLC

    Identifying the optimal solids content of wastewater sludge, slurries and cakes can provide significant cost savings on chemical additives, haulage and incineration. It also helps optimize process control and ensure a consistent final product. There are s

  • Optical System Sets New Standards in Oxygen Measurements

    Author: Hach

    Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Power and Boiler Applications Over the past decade a few trends have started to gain pace within the industry, driving a change in instrumentation requirements for operations managers and plant chemists:


  • Filtering Samples to On-Line Process Analyzers

    Author: Parker

    Increasingly precise process control strategies, often linked to computer control, have accelerated the use of sophisticated on-line chemical composition analyzers in plant applications. Instruments such as gas and liquid chromatographs, ion chromatographs

  • TOC Measurement in the Chemical Industry

    The most commonly used compound in the chemical industry is water – not only as a solvent in processing, but also as an energy carrier in the cooling or heating cycle. As vast amounts of water are needed, chemical industries are often located close to la

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