With advancing technologies, a limited workforce, and a vast number of engineers retiring, operator training is more crucial than ever. Many plants must conduct safety, equipment, maintenance, software and operations training, among many others, to meet compliance requirements, and corporate and production goals.




Podcast: Operator Training Do’s and Don’ts

On-the-job training seems efficient but there are better ways to train operators.

Process Safety — Manage The Only Constant: Change

Understanding the two kinds of change, deliberate and creeping, will aid you in keeping your facility a safe place to work.
Lessons Learned from Formosa Plastics Explosion

Podcast: Lessons Learned From the Deadly Formosa Explosion

The incident at Formosa Plastics in 2004 highlighted critical lessons in process safety. Human factors, communication gaps and inadequate equipment played significant roles in...

Tips To Navigate and See Stars

Consider me your cruise director for our site. Welcome aboard – we’ve been expecting you.
Pause, Reflect, Act

The Difference Between Experiences and Learning in Process Safety

Daily experiences vary, but key events hold lessons. Reflection is vital for learning and shaping success.
Train operators faster

Faster Ways To Train Chemical Operators

Jan. 19, 2024
Simulators and virtual reality offer objective ways to measure and improve training.
Accident Anniversaries

Accident Anniversaries: Honoring Lives and Learning Lessons

Jan. 16, 2024
From the LNG explosion in Algeria and the Boston molasses spill to Flixborough and the Valdez oil spill, the discussion underscores the ongoing relevance of these incidents and...
Avoid Alarm Rationalization Mistakes

How To Avoid Alarm Rationalization Mistakes

Dec. 8, 2023
This episode focuses on alarm rationalization mistakes, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying problems rather than just managing the steady-state alarm rate.