Training Package Teaches Distillation Tower Operation

March 19, 2012
Operators can use MiMiC Distillation Advanced Modeling Objects for accurate process responses.

Mynah Technologies has released the MiMiC Debutanizer Operator Training Package, a high-fidelity operator training system for distillation columns. The package provides a complete environment for teaching safe and effective operation of distillation columns.

The MiMiC Debutanizer Operator Training Package is designed to be used as an effective tool for teaching process and automation engineers the use and design of process controls for distillation towers. The package uses MiMiC Distillation Advanced Modeling Objects for dynamic, accurate process responses.

Key features include a preconfigured and tested high-fidelity dynamic model of a working debutanizer column, process control configurations in MiMiC models and component studio graphics, as well as DeltaV Simulate modules and DeltaV Operate graphics. Also included are 13 prebuilt training scenarios and full MiMiC software license.