Vibra Screw Introduces Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers

Vibra Screw Inc. introduces a line of Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers for large silos. These machines offer the advantages found in Vibra Screw’s patented dished head Bin Activators at a lower cost.

Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers combine a shallow upper section with a steeper lower cone. This compound shape eliminates bridging and packing at the discharge outlet that is common with single slope designs.  No secondary baffles are required.

Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers are available in diameters from 7’ to 12’ and in carbon and stainless steel with surface finishes to fit every application. Heavy Duty Bin Dischargers use the same flexible sleeve, vibration isolation system and vibratory drives as Vibra Screw Bin Activators so existing customers will find complete compatibility in fit up and spares inventory.


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Powders and solids
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Feeding, dispensing and dosing
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