Van Tongeren Gravitational Classifier Separates Without Breakage

Van Tongeren America, unveils a Gravitational Classifier (GC) that automatically separates soft, dry materials without the breakage, fragmentation or fines generation typical of screens and rotary classifiers. Designed to prevent particle attrition with no moving parts, the Gravitational Classifier passes a current of air through a continuous curtain of falling material, directing the particulates towards a series of vanes. Coarse particles drop into the discharge for collection while particles finer than the cut point exit the classifier with the airstream to a cyclone, baghouse dust collector or cartridge filter.

Designed to boost efficiency in separating salt, potash, limestone, fertilizer, manufactured sand and other materials, the pneumatic air classifier system separates dry particles at any cut point between 2 mm and 150 μm without using any water. Custom-designed and manufactured for each installation, the Gravitational Classifier reportedly performs continuously in unattended, 24/7 operation with nearly zero maintenance required.

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