Leybold Varodry Offers Quiet Sound Profile

Leybold’s new Varodry is a 100% oil-free, dry compressing screw vacuum pump. The Varodry is initially available in sizes VD65 (65 m3/h) and VD100 (100 m3/h).

The Varodry series is well-suited for the demands of the manufacturing industry, according to Leybold. The pumps handle clean air, dirt, particles, outgassing of media and vapors. The pump’s integrated silencer also offers a quiet sound profile.

The variable inlet flange arrangement enables flexible installation. The design of the silencer, without “sponge-like” damper materials, and the exhaust flange located at the lowest point of the pump facilitates pushing out liquids or condensed vapors that might incur in some industrial processes. This prevents potential formation of rust and contributes significantly to process reliability.

The pump can operate continuously at any inlet pressure and is fully resistant even against repeated shock venting, according to the company. Any number of cycles can be run without overload.


Fluid handling
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