Busch Launches VacTest Vacuum Measurement Equipment

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems launches new VacTest vacuum measurement equipment. VacTest provides a comprehensive portfolio of active vacuum gauges and controllers. These state-of-the-art technologies allow a wide measurement range from 1600 to 5 • 10-10 millibar covering all vacuum levels with accuracy.

With three product lines available, Busch VacTest meets all requirements for the measurement, monitoring, control and regulation of a vacuum system or process in terms of accuracy, measurement range and functionality:

  • VacTest Digital Transmitters are high-end gauges coming with a full range of options as standard. Their smart micro-controller architecture allows an optimal sensor control as well as many setting possibilities making them the ideal solution for many applications.
  • VacTest Analog Transmitters feature a compact, rugged and functional design. Thanks to their excellent measuring accuracy and stability, these transmitters are ideal for centralized monitoring and control systems.
  • VacTest Mobile Gauges are the perfect handheld solution for service or vacuum process quality assurance. These battery-operated gauges offer various functions such as a USB interface for data export and visualization, a data logger and can even be used under such as a USB interface for exporting and displaying data as well as a data logger, and vacuum. This means, for example, that these gauges can be sealed in vacuum packaging to measure the pressure within the packaging.

Busch offers the VacTest explorer as a software tool to provide fast and efficient visualization, analysis and comparison of process data on a computer or tablet. VacTest explorer is available in Lite and Pro versions and has numerous functions. These can calculate leakage rates, remotely control the active sensor controller, compare pump-down curves or configure all digital transmitter parameters.

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