Vac-U-Max Introduces Signature Series Powder Conveyors

Vac-U-Max vacuum conveying product range includes the Signature Series now available in 1500 Series and 3500 Series models, with standard or sanitary design options that include offset cone or straight-wall tube design - for free flowing to non-free flowing powders, pellets and pastilles, including high moisture, fibrous or fat content powders. The 1500 Series conveys up to 1,500 lbs/hr (680 kg/hr), featuring a 12-inch diameter receiver with large 6-inch discharge valve in stainless steel construction, with offset cone or tube design options. The 3500 Series offers conveying rates up to 3,500 lbs/hr (1,600 kg/r) with 16-inch diameter receiver with large 8-inch discharge valve, available in offset cone or tube design, with vacuum producer options that include single or twin jet venturi, regen blower or vacuum pump. Packaged systems include UL-approved controls in NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure with multifunction controller (MFNC). All packages include unifilter and multifilter designs with static conductive filters. 

VAC U MAX Signature Series Family
Powders and solids
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